Keepsake stories evoke memories and feelings that make us feel connected to each other. They connect us with the past and the future. Keepsake Books help connect family, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends.

Keepsake Books are a meaningful and unique way to build closer bonds across generations.

A keepsake has a personal or emotional connection to the story behind it. Those stories will be lost if they are not retold. It is important to preserve not only keepsakes but also the memories that go with them. Family history is a keepsake forever.
Families with pets have many stories to share. I shared mine, now you can share yours. I look forward to hearing your experience or pet.

Create-A-Keepsake Story: Create your story in the back of this book, then pass along your keepsake to a family member.

It could be about your version of this book or your own story
Keepsakes make us feel part of something bigger. Sharing your stories is a critical part of your living family legacy.

. This series is for reading to the child, and then reading by the child.
Keepsake Books by Debbie Marcaccini is a series of children's books about animal pets she had. Her books are based on the true antics of the animals. Their behaviors are woven into delightful stories with a life-value lesson. Animals provide companionship and can teach us many things. Books by Debbie grow with the child and remain a keepsake for many years. This series is both for reading to the child, and then reading by the child.

Keepsake Books By Debbie Keepsake Books by Debbie include discussion questions and activity pages at the end of each book. You can create your own keepsake memories to share with others. Create your own version of the story, or create a keepsake story of your own
ABOUT Keepsake Books

Baldwin - The Baby Cockatiel
... being willing to help.
Claire - The African Grey Parrot
... the rewards of saving your money.
Gracie - The Shy Dog
… overcoming shyness.
Lady Jane - Queen of the House
... the end of the life of a beloved pet and grieving.
Maggie And Boots - An Unlikely Pair
... how we are more alike than different.
Miss Ellie - The Little White Dog
... a positive outlook , living with disabilities.
Murphy - The Dog Who Got a Second Chance
... being bullied, getting into trouble and second chances.
One-eyed Willie - The Baby Parakeet
... survival and not giving up.
Ruby Rose - The Bird Who Thought She Could
...a story about triumph.
Sassy - The Sassy Puppy
... how life brings us surprises we are not expecting.
Sadie - The Angel with a Bark
… living with a chronic illness.
Rufus - The Little Rascal
... adjusting to a new family member.
A Stray Cat and a Basket of Kittens
... sibling rivalry and being picked on.

Keepsake Books By....
Debbie Marcaccini
Life Lessons Learned With Pets